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Playing Ultimate In Moscow

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Опубликовано 30 July 2014 - 12:14

Dear community,


Let me first apologize for not writing in Russian; I am trying to learn this beautiful language, but the learning curve is quite abrupt...


Then, let me introduce myself. I am David, a French Canadian, who will be coming to Moscow for studies. I really am into Ultimate Frisbee, since around a year and a half. I think I am an intermediate player, who really plays for fun (although I find it so invigorating when running a mile for a disc and then layout for a catch... or to do these big D's). I've been a big sport player since my childhood, so running and game awareness (except maybe when I am handler) are not that much of a problem. However, I still have some issues with throwing good discs.


Anyway, I was wondering if there were some good pick ups in Moscow and/or if I can join a (not so competitive) team? Although I enjoy more playing outdoor, I have more experience with indoor Ultimate (because of temperature in Canada, but I guess you also play indoor in winter, here), so I am not looking for one in particular. My goal is to be active doing a sport I love and to meet some new people. Thus, if someone could give me information, it would be very appreciated! =)


Wish you the best,



P.S.: If someone just want to have a chat in English/French/Spanish, I am always looking forward to making new acquaintances in beautiful Russia! =D

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